Removing unnecessary documents from the flight deck is becoming more and more a need but it is also an opportunity to add enhanced communication processes and guarantees an easier and better “up to date” documentation and information. 

ACFTPERFO has developed a complete EFB suite allowing operators to stay ahead in our rapidly changing environment. 

Implementing an EFB has a huge economical impact resulting from:

  • No more fastidious and costly printing, handling and storage of documents to update manuals. 
  • Optimization of take off performance inducing significant savings by optimizing payload and avoiding costs on engine maintenance . 
  • Removing flight deck paper reduces weight resulting in fuel savings. 
  • Updated information availability is the key to smooth flight operations and improves pilot efficiency. 
  • System administrators have full access to manage on board EFB’s remotely. 
  • Keeping records of the Document version kept in the EFB fleet is no longer a worry. 

Safety too will of course gain a lot with an EFB :

  • Guaranteed updated data taking into account all latest notam’s. 
  • Crews have permanent access to the latest company or official information wherever they are. 
  • User friendly interfaces reducing human errors. 
  • Computation cross-checks become natural improving flight safety. 
  • Safety improvement by cheking loadsheet data, using actual centre of gravity and increased engine lifetime. 

ACFTPERFO can look back on a 5 year experience in the implementation of customized EFB’s.

While other providers sell only software, we offer a full support to our customer, making the implementation and certification of class 1 and 2 EFB a smooth process.

Our EFB dashboard is one of the most complete and powerful in industry. With ACFT LINK, you will collect all the required information straight away in order to facilitate operations. The two-way ARINC compliant communication between aircraft and company reduces the workload dramatically and ensures data integrity. Airlines are no longer forced to handle massive stacks of paper, like captain reports, fuel slips, journey logs…

ACFT LINK has adopted latest high-tech communication tools. Using latest push feature, FliteLink will populate any Iphone,BlackBerry, pda & smartphones integrated calendar with staff and crew planning or duty modifications.

Electronic-Flight-Bag-Cockpit-ACFT-Perfo Electronic-Flight-Bag-Synchro-ACFT-Perfo Electronic-Flight-Bag-Communication-ACFT-Perfo