Our online Notam service is not your ordinary summary of Notams you request; YOU shape the Notams to your needs.

Customers may create their own profile for any number of routes or flights.

These profiles and the filtering can be tuned to your wishes. Where most providers stop at filtering based on the purpose and scope of a Notam, we take it a step further.

On top of the regular and Q code filters, you can also select any source you wish for each Notam and you can select an image or color to be presented in function of the Q codes.

Airports and FIR’s can be grouped according to your needs. For example: Departure and Destination combined; en-route and/or Etops alternates, etc...

Upon request a pictorial presentation of the airport runway layout for the selected aerodrome can of course be added as well.

All this together makes the recognition and preparation a lot more attractive, efficient and faster.

Try YouNotam now!

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