Using a computerized performance calculation tool is a must for a modern airline.

RTTO is able to produce take off and landing data with the highest precision, a guaranty for safety and savings. It is well recognized by engine manufacturers that using such a tool generates important savings in terms of engine maintenance.

RTTO and our airport database has been approved by several aviation authorities: Luxemburg, Switzerland, Belgium, France, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia...

A weight and balance section is included in the software, allowing your company to remain independent from expensive handling contracts in outstations.

RTTO is available on tablets.

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RTTO-Performance-Software-Menu-ACFT-Perfo RTTO-Performance-Software-Take-Off-ACFT-Perfo RTTO-Performance-Software-landing-ACFT-Perfo RTTO-Performance-Software-Weight-Balance-ACFT-Perfo