“R”eturn “O”n “D”irect “O”perating “C”ost on every operated flight or request is a must for every airline. This software is a useful tool for operators allowing you to:

  • make initial calculations to estimate the feasibility of the flight on a specific route 
  • calculate the costs related to a specific flight or number of sectors. It allows your commercial department to work on a stand alone basis. 
  • define minimum revenue to cover direct and indirect costs 

It takes into account all the limitations, such as MTOW, average wind (per season) and airport limitations. The database will contain the specific company cost elements including fuel indexes per station, handling costs, overflights, ACMI per cycle and flight hour etc...It can be updated by the company administrator In other words, the commercial department is able to propose, in online or offline mode, a quote within the shortest delay and this without consulting the OCC or the performance engineering department.

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