ACFT Perfo Electronic Freight and Loadsheet System (EFLS) is a powerful Weight and Balance Load and Trim software made for airlines and ground handling companies allowing them to quickly prepare a full range of operational weight and balance tasks, fulfilling IATA standards.
EFLS is powered by a complete relational database designed to fit the company’s needs.

With a user friendly graphical interface, the system administrator can easily customize the company’s settings.

What possibilities does it offer?

  • Provide an easy way to create custom aircraft types (elements are displayed like the IATA AHM 560) with the allowable and locked positions and the different structural or flight limitations.
  • Allow administrators to add userdefined elements such as catering, crew, spare wheel, etc.
  • Manage the company’s unit load device (ULD) park.
  • Display several envelopes like the certified, ferry or curtailed ones including a full dynamic fuel vector.
  • Run printable electronic IATA load sheet, load plan and airway bill. 
  • Generate SITA messages.

EFLS offers a simple graphical interface for the loadmaster with drag and drop features, preloaded flightdata and validation system.

EFLS is available for home base and outstation. Outstations can work off-line or in real time with an integrated synchronization tool.

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