In a highly changing world where airliners cost management, reliability and security becomes key competitive factors, ACFT Perfo provides an EFB which is a major component of quality improvement all companies must accomplish towards better management of aircrafts use (Fuel consumption control, engine saving, take-off and landing performance, human factor risks control, etc.) .

Our promise to our clients

ACFT Perfo is committed to being the most reliable partner possible, and ensuring that our clients receive the best service and support at all times. We are always listening to the market, and looking at innovative solutions that can reduce costs, enhance safety and ensure airliners reliability on the long term.

Client focus

  • We care about our clients and consider their satisfaction as the ultimate measure of our success
  • We consult our clients, consider the market evolutions, and develop products and services that meet their expectations 
  • We aim at building a partnership with our clients


  • We apply ambitious quality standards while remaining pragmatic to achieve results
  • We promote the culture of continuous improvement
  • We are committed to control quality and deliverables from our partners


  • We respect and trust each other
  • We share information freely but responsibly, both internally and externally
  • We ensure two-way communication and understanding
  • We accept that mistakes can happen as long as we disclose them and learn from them

Winning together

  • We are committed to our team and our clients
  • We remain accountable for our individual actions
  • We delegate authority and empower people
  • We believe in people development as a key factor to the success of the company

Risk & safety

  • We are committed to respect all legal requirements in all our products and services
  • We guarantee that all our products have been tested in the most extensive way
  • We are concerned as all airliners about safety and risk control
  • All our people are committed to always consider risk control and safety as the first element of delivery in our services and products