ACFT Perfo was proud to present a Webinar with Aircraft IT about Airport Database, Ops Performance Software, including an Engine Failure Procedure, Notam and Obstacles.

Our experts also walk you throught how to calculate an optimum Engine Failure Turn Procedure using the sophisticated tools provided by the Aiport Datase, based on :

  • Airport Runway Data (e.g. runway length)
  • Obstacles (from AIP, NOTAMS and other sources)
  • Limiting Terrain
  • Visual design of the engine out route with VOR/DME, Navoids or other waypoints
  • Analysis of the engine out procedure for each aircraft type, based on its own characteristics (speed, wingspan, gradient loss,..)
  • Extraction of limiting obstacles with calculation of height and distance for performance software.

Follow this link to see our Webinar on Aircraft IT

Technical demonstration of how ACFT Perfo engineering department designs Aircraft Engine Failure Procedure from its Aiport Database Management Suite.

Airport-Database-Provider-Acft-Perfo-Curved-Flight-Path Airport-Database-Provider-Acft-Perfo-AircraftIT