Airport and Obstacle database

Fly with best-in-class database and maximise payload while keeping safety a priority. 

Engine failure procedures are designed to comply with regulations but also to ease usage by pilots.

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" In a highly changing world where airliners costs management and resilience capabilities become key competitive factors, ACFTPERFO provides solution that automatically adapt to your business size and that in every situation maximise the benefit for your commercial operations. "

Performance software

SCAP compliant take off and landing computation.

Available offline on windows tablets and online on any device 

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Aircraft Related  Database

Because you don't have to accept the 'one size fits all' approach, our database is aircraft related. This allows  you to get the most efficient performance whether you take-off for a short regional flight or a long distance international one.

24/7 notam watch

Relief you operations and pilots, avoid human error, don't miss a NOTAM. Don't wait for the next AIRAC cycle, our database is updated in real time. You can either always access the most up to date database on the market or decide for a daily load and receive NOTAM analysis reports along the day.

self service portal

Pay for what you use. Login to our customer portal and add or remove airports to your database. Stay aligned with your commercial and operational needs

Performance engineering

You want to analyse a new destination, you have a commercial impact due to a NOTAM, you need to reply to your national authority about compliancy... Our Performance Engineering will help you to sort it out.

Aircraft types
Notams analysed /month
Complex N-1 trajectories

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