RTTO - Performance software

Versatile solution that will work with your whole fleet
 On-line or off-line version are available depending of your types of aircraft.

RTTO on-line works on any type of devices

SCAP compliant

RTTO uses manufacturer's modules to achieve full SCAP compliancy

Full hosting possible

No operation burden, no investment, pay as you use model.


Can be integrated in your EFB solution for seamless pilot experience

Request a demo account on the RTTO on-line version

To experience it worth a thousand words.

white and red drone in mid air

Using a computerized performance calculation tool is a must for a modern airline.

RTTO is able to produce take off and landing data with the highest precision, a guaranty for safety and savings. 

RTTO and our airport database has been approved by several aviation authorities: Luxemburg, Switzerland, Belgium, France, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia...

A weight and balance section can be included in the software, allowing your company to remain independent from expensive handling contracts in outstations