Embraer - Specific solution for ePerf

ePerf integration

With the current version of ePerf, it is possible to connect directly to an sFTP server to load aircraft data and airport and obstacle database. 
ACFTPERFO has developed a secure and highly reliable infrastructure that allow Airlines to seamlessly provide these data for ePerf using the direct sFTP access feature..

The airport and obstacle database, which is under NOTAM watch 24/7, is automatically pushed each time there is a change or using a schedule defined by the Airlines. 


  • No IT investment or maintenance
  • High availability
  • Always up to date Airport and obstacle database
  • Multi profil accesses (Pilots, Operation, Simu, ...)
  • sFTP admin access
  • Extra automatic steps for data integrity and sanity check

If you are interested to know more about this service or to test it, please contact us.

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